Sunday, 13 August 2017

Want To GO Shopping Center but Heavy Jam

Last night, my parents and I wanted to go to Shopping Center to buy XBOX games.  After take bath, I am very excited to be able to GO but there is a bad news.... Lorry accident cause a massive jam. My parents said "See how long is the JAM?" We can't go shopping center. I am very sad. Then, I think: My parents promise me to GO shopping center, Why can't I GO.

My parents told me we GO shopping center next day OK. The next day, I can't wait to GO after lunch. I fell very happy and positive cause my parents bought a few new KINETIC Games for me.

Saturday, 12 August 2017

I Want Bruno Mars Concert Ticket

Tomorrow, Malaysia start selling Bruno Mars Concert ticket at 10am. I fell so excited. Quick! Quick! Daddy, please help me buy ticket, but ..... Daddy say the ticket is not easy to get and ticket will be sold out within half an hour online. I felt sad because I need $$$$ money and chance to buy ticket to see my Bruno Mars.....

Holidays & Weekends Can Become Lazy Pig Like "Bruno Mars - Lazy Song"

When I was on weekend, I can sleep late. Weekend has NO School and my parents is NOT Working. I am very excited that I can become lazy pig just like the song from Bruno Mars "Lazy Song".