Sunday, 23 July 2017

My School Sport Day

Today is my school sport day. I wake up early and eat my breakfast 🥛🍜. After that, I change my school sport attire . 
Once I reach the school field, the teacher started to take attendants of  the student. Then is time for the opening ceremony, marching with flag 🎏.  

After marching, the games begin.

First event is the 400 meter run 🏃for Year 1 to Year 6 boys 👦and girls 👧categories. Next event is the 100 meter run .After that comes the 4 X 100 meter relay  ðŸƒ for both boys and girls.

Next comes the the team event that I have been waiting for the one leg skip with ball which I'm one of the member of participant. Although my team didn't win but we have try our best. The next team event which I have participate as well, Tug of War FINAL. For this event we try our very best and come out first 🥇.

At the end of the event, there is medal 🥇🥈🥉presentation ceremony. The emcee of the day announce my team won the overall champion 🏆. I'm very happy because I have participate and contribute today competition.

Friday, 14 July 2017

✨ Lilian's Birthday ✨

Yesterday it was Lilian tenth birthday . Her mother baked her a cake 🎂. The cake that she baked as tall as Lilian's father.

Her father and brother decorated the dining room. Lilian's father decorate the room with balloons 🎈and ribbons 🎀while her brother pumped the balloons. 

Lilian's grand parents 👴👵were wrapping the presents 🎁. They bought pencil box for her. She felt very happy 😍.

I want to watch movie but I have no time

Yesterday morning, I promised mummy today I finish my homework then watch movie 🎥. Mummy said:"YES you can.''

After I finish my homework,I ask mummy:"Can I watch movie 🎥?"Mummy said:"My dear,now is already late at night,you need to know how to manage your time ."I said :"OK."       ðŸ’­
At night, while I'm drinking milk 🥛, I think 🤔:"After finish my homework,I want to watch movie but it was already late 😟, so pitiful.

The next morning , I want to manage my time well so I make a timetable and follow it. I am positive and happy about it.

From this story, we must know how to manage our time well. Do meaningful activities such as read books 📚,revision and exercise 🚴.

Friday, 7 July 2017

☆☆☆ A Wolf & A Crying Baby ☆☆☆

One day, a woman carry a crying baby and shout: "Stop crying, if not I give you to the wolf!" The wolf saw  the baby and think:  Mmmmm。。。。。   my food is to eat this baby.

Suddenly, the baby did not cry. He fall asleep. The wolf go into his house to find the baby. The baby start to cry, when his mother arrived, she use the stick to chase the wolf and protect her child.

From the story, I learn that almost all the parents love their child, especially my parents love me very much. They shower me with love from morning until night. They are the most lovely parents in my life. I'm lucky to have them. I You Mom & Dad.


Monday, 3 July 2017








Today, my mother told me that I was a very brave child.

Mom's words, let me no longer be a coward.

Every time, when my father goes home, he will help to do housework. When he saw gecko he ran away. I will help to chase the gecko away.

At night, when my father watch sad 🎥 on TV, he will 😭, I will turn off the tv so that my father won't be crying anymore.

In the morning, when my father wanted to go to the factory, he forgot the way, I will guide him the way and be his little helper.

One day my father can become very brave, because I'm there for him.

Sunday, 2 July 2017






This morning, I want to go for a ðŸŽ¦ and asked my mother. My mother said: "I do not have the money to buy tickets for the movie, the money I and Dad earn is to support our family, take care of children. Do you think food or film is important?" I said: "Food important."

During lunch time while I'm eating, I saw and think: "There are a lot of people went to the movie, and I did not see the new movie, So Poor AH!" 😟

One day I visited my mother working place and I saw her working very hard and no time to eat, I feel so sad ðŸ˜Ÿ, what a poor mother. From that day onward, I do not ask my parents to buy anything for me.

I think parents earning money is not easy, I decided not to go to the movie, and I'm very happy stay at home reading.